Executive Committee for 2017-18

In the CU we are grateful to have fellow student members in whom we see the heart, skills, and faithfulness to carry out specific roles in our ambition to further the proclamation of the Good News. All of these positions were voted on by the nominations given by other members at our annual AGM. Whilst these individuals are responsible for the decisions made in the CU with regards to the direction and events, this is a group effort of the entire union in which we value every suggestion and request. To get in direct contact with one of us please email who will pass you on to the appropriate representative.

So with that, here’s your Exec for 2018-19:

President:  Rosanna Scott –                    

Vice-President:  Sam Williams –

Secretary:  Abigail Burrows –                    

Treasurer:  Matthew Greer –

International Secretary:  Susannah Robertson –               

Publicity Secretary:  Sarah Gillespie –

Prayer Secretary:  Bekah Kennedy –

Hall Groups Coordinator:  Oliwia Hajek –

Events Coordinators:  Matthew Amer and Naomi McCully –

 Our Staff Worker

Meet David High – our new Staff Worker.

David works with Dundee and Abertay CUs to help us in our evangelism. He works closely with the committee and is our point of contact with the wider UCCF family.